Living with fibromyalgia is frustrating to live with and it can be very difficult finding effective treatment. Tight painful muscles, fatigue, depression, irritable bowel, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs or hands and feet, are all common symptoms of fibromyalgia.

South Florida Physical Medicine’s doctors have been helping reduce the aches and pains of Palm Beach County’s fibromyalgia sufferers for over fifteen years. We recognize that fibromyalgia is a real disease with real symptoms and we offer cutting edge of fibromyalgia treatments.

In order to get short and long-term relief from fibromyalgia symptoms you must target the source of the problem. It’s critical to understand that most fibromyalgia patients have their symptoms for DIFFERENT reasons and therefore a unique problem requires a unique solution. At our Royal Palm Beach center our team of expert doctors will perform the necessary testing to determine the true cause of your symptoms.

We commonly help patients who have suffered with fibromyalgia for decades with testing and treatments that range from 100% natural to 100% medical. Many of our patients often see improvements in their pain in just a few weeks, having suffered for years – just listen to our testimonials.

Don’t you deserve to live with less or even no pain at all? Stop the agony now! Call 561-422-1819 and get the treatment for fibromyalgia you need.