Shoulder pain comes on slowly, but often increases to the point where noticeable movement limitations occur. Arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, rotator cuff issues and frozen shoulder are the most common reasons for shoulder joint pain, and our clinic offers many treatments ranging from natural anti-inflammatory injections to customized rehab.

To treat shoulder pain and regain pain-free movement you must address the nerves, muscles and joints in the Acromioclavicular (shoulder and collarbone junction), Sternoclavicular (collar bone and sternum junction) and the scapulothoracic (shoulder blade interaction with the spine) areas. We are one of the few physicians’ offices that has specialist doctors on staff that can treat all three of these areas specifically.

Our center not only offers specific shoulder pain treatments and rehab, but we also offer additional ways to help improve shoulder movement, allowing you to lift your arm above your head, swing your arms pain-free, or clip your bra.

Treat shoulder joint pain before it requires surgery and schedule an appointment now with our specialists. Call 561-422-1819 and begin to enjoy enhanced mobility again.