Are you currently suffering from numbness, tingling, electric shock pains, hot and cold feet and hands? You may possibly have Neuropathy. Neuropathy is a degenerative, aggressive disease that robs people of their day to day activities, happiness, and independence. Neuropathy primarily affects Diabetic, Chemotherapy/Radiation, and Chronic Back pain patients. Many of our patients have been told by their neurologist, podiatrist and primary care Doctors that there is nothing that can be done for this disease. To some extent this is true; there is no cure for Neuropathy. However, a lot more can be done than prescription of meds such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, and Neurotin. These drugs are simply a band aid approach, the efficacy of them wear off over time, and the side affects are nasty.

We offer a natural progressive treatment that strives to regenerate new nerve growth; slow down, stop and potentially improve neuropathy symptoms. Our treatment is somewhere between 100 % natural and 100% medical. We Couple treatments from FDA approved electronic stimulation, high frequency body vibration to high level vitamin therapy, injections and inflammatory response reduction to battle this crippling disease. As this disease progresses, many loose the ability to feel the gas pedal to drive, some end up in wheelchairs and unfortunately some end up having to undergo amputation. Call today to end the misery of living with this disease and seize your freedom and independence