At South Florida Physical Medicine we realize that pain is not only annoying, it can become debilitating over time.  In order to provide you the pain relief you so desperately deserve, our group of doctors will choose the best course of treatment from the number of effective pain management options we offer.  Many patients are tired of medication and are looking for natural pain management injections.  For those looking for a quick relief of pain, without strong medications, or those that are concerned with the side effects of steroids, we use a natural plant based anti-inflammatory.  These injections in some cases are as effective, if not MORE EFFECTIVE than steroids.  These treatments are available for you today at our office in Royal Palm Beach.

“Your pain is different from others…”

Our advanced pain management treatments range from 100% medical to 100% natural. These safe and effective treatment options include medical and natural: joint injections, muscle trigger points injections, customized rehab, manual joint and muscle therapy, and many other cutting-edge treatments. All of our patients are treated as an individual and your treatments are fully customized to your specific needs.  The thing patients tell all of their friends about our clinic is that if you prefer a natural route to your pain management we offer it.

Do You have to take Drugs to treat your PAIN?

For many the answer is NO!!  We have been treating pain naturally for almost a decade.  We offer an effective, natural approach to treat pain.  We will also take a detailed look at what we can do to get you back to doing the things you love. When was the last time you enjoyed a walk on the beach or a golf game with your friends?

It is not uncommon for patients to schedule appointments at the end stage of their pain.  They have taken years of medications, steroids and are ready for a natural approach.  We treat patients with natural pain injections ranging from athletes to seniors.  With our advanced treatments we have been able to restore hope in our patient’s lives and help them to experience pain free living again, NATURALLY!

What if you could IMPROVE YOUR PAIN without drugs?

How much more exercise, traveling, walking and living would you do if you felt better?  What would you be able to get done during the day if your pain was just 10% better?  What if it was 50% better, would this improve your quality of life?  Patients describe: “I can actually garden again”, “I played 18 holes pain free”, “I woke up with NO PAIN this morning for the first time in years.” Before treating with our doctors many patients thought that they would never do the things they loved again. However their life is now amazing because they took the next step.  Take the time to take care of yourself, before it’s too late.  Place that phone call today, 561-422-1819 and start your journey to feeling better.

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