Chronic knee pain is a problem that affects over 100-million Americans. It’s a problem that can take the joy out of your life by preventing you from doing the things that you love most.

The majority of patients with knee pain will take pain medications, physical therapy, and glucosamine and chondroitin to help them cope with their pain. As their condition continues, many believe that knee replacement surgery is the only option, along with the months of painful rehab afterwards. However, today there is new hope in the form of a proven, non-invasive FDA approved treatment.

In our Royal Palm Beach clinic we utilize advanced motion sonography to zero in on the exact location of your pain and we then inject a viscosupplemt called hyaluronan check spelling into the joint space to encourage healing. Hyaluronan check spelling acts as a shock absorber, lubricates the joint, and nourishing the cartilage. We can couple this with an advanced bracing technique to reduce the weight on the knee during the treatment process to establish faster pain relief and less stiffness.

If you have pain while walking and down stairs, suffer during (or after) certain activities, are currently prescribed pain medications, are considering surgery, or feel like you are missing out on important elements of your life, give us a call today. Change your life and regain your mobility! Call 561-422-1819 to start the healing.