Are YOU tired of suffering with PAIN?



Although doctors are writing prescriptions for pain at an alarming rate many patients are still hurting!  Our pain management injections are specifically designed for you, if you are looking for relief from pain now, without months of tiring rehab. Advanced pain management injections are specifically compounded to help reduce pain fast; getting you back to doing the things you love.

 “You may not have to live with constant pain…”

Pain management injections are ideal for you if you are in pain and looking to reduce or eliminate it quickly. Injections for back pain are some of the most common injections we perform for patients with new or chronic pain. Pain management injections are also perfect for any active person who is looking to continue enjoying their hobbies pain free. Patients that have been in car accidents and are suffering with muscle, joint, or disc pain often find pain management injections to be very helpful in providing effective pain relief.


At South Florida Physical Medicine we strive to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.  We strive to quickly reduce your pain and then show you how to maintain that relief. Once the pain has decreased we switch our focus to getting to the root cause of why you had the pain in the first place. Far too often patients do not receive complete care. One doctor handles your pain, another writes the prescriptions, and yet another is responsible for treatment. Our office will handle all of your testing, treatment and rehabilitation at our center. The best part of all it’s all under one co-pay!

By not addressing the cause of your pain and only medicating the symptoms it could lead to MORE PAIN, loss of independence, feeling like giving up, or forcing you to stay home and not doing the things you love.  We often see patients at the end of their rope.  Some have even had Multiple Surgeries, countless Injections, and Failed Physical therapy.


We have one main goal: Help you get back to doing the things you love like golf, tennis, going for walks, vacation, or even just doing the dishes without pain.

What if you could improve your quality of life??

There are patients in our office that have seen 70-85% improvement in their pain, some have completely eliminated their pain.  In fact patients in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Boynton Beach and more are finding out that there may be a new effective way of improving their quality of life.

How much more exercise, traveling, walking and living would you do if you felt better?  Patients describe that they are having less pain, they are doing things again and some are NOT TAKING PAIN MEDS ANYMORE!  An amazing story comes to mind of a patient that was able to FLY TO CALIFORNIA to see his grandkids after 5 years of not being able to travel due to back pain.  Before treating with our doctors he was told that pain meds were his only option and actually had started visiting a pain management facility for MORPHINE!  “I thought my life was over and now I am traveling and I could get on the floor to play with my grandkids!” Take the time to take care of yourself, before it’s too late.  Place that phone call today, 561-422-1819 and start your journey to feeling better.

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