Chiropractic care is a medical service that is helpful to relieve joint pain, muscle pain and pinched nerves. The most common chiropractic benefits are less joint pain and full range of motion of the neck and lower back, even in the elderly.

Many patients do not realize that when they turn their head to the side their nose should be over their shoulder, when looking up the back of their head should be able to touch the area between their shoulders, and when looking down their chin should be able to touch their chest. Each of these movements should be painful and unrestricted, and if you have difficulty performing any of these movements you are missing out on full movement of the spine. One of the major chiropractic benefits is uninhibited movement of the spine and our chiropractic treatments will help you to restore proper, pain-free motion to your spine.

It is well known that as we age many adults ‘shrink’. The reason for this is the spine and discs begin to wear out as they grow older and the primary reason for that is the lack of maintenance of the spine. Imagine what your teeth would look like if you never brushed them, and by not keeping the spine properly maintained your spine decays in a similar fashion. Small traumas such as falls, improper lifting, sleeping and sitting with poor posture, and repetitive movements all can lead to spinal arthritis as you age.

To keep your spine in proper alignment and well maintained you require specific stretching, proper lifting techniques and correct hydration. Our chiropractic doctors are highly trained in the art of postural improvement, let them show you the benefits of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic benefits have been shown to improve posture and spinal alignment, and to slow down and in some cases prevent arthritis. If you have painful arthritis or poor posture and are looking to improve it call our West Palm Beach offices 561-422-1819.