The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain in the fingers and palm of the hand, and if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome you know how much it can affect your day. Simple tasks such as holding silverware or brushing your hair and teeth become difficult and it’s not uncommon for a person with carpal tunnel syndrome to be woken at night due to pain or numbness.

In later stages of carpal tunnel the problem progresses and symptoms can become constant, at which point many people feel that surgery is the only option.  Surgery is an option, but should only be considered when all other interventions have failed.

The nerve most commonly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome – the median nerve – originates in the neck and travels down the arm to the fingers. As this nerve travels it can be pinched at multiple locations and can be confused as carpal tunnel. Our team of doctors has worked with carpal tunnel for over a decade and can determine the correct course of treatment to help improve your carpal tunnel symptoms, depending upon where the problem is coming from.

Whether your symptoms are just beginning of you’ve have had carpel tunnel for years, call us now and let us help you with our treatments for carpal tunnel.